Wednesday, June 29, 2016

July 2016 outlook

I had been showing the last week of June as a point at which several cycles (medium/short term) achieved bottoms.  If you followed along you know this.  It is starting to appear that the bottom may have been set even though 1 more push down may be possible as determining bottom dates is not an exact science.  Still, my record looks reasonably good.....

If bottoms were set as I suspect then we start July with the medium/short length cycles turning up so the first half of July should show some upside strength (20, 10, 5 week cycles up).  By mid month the 5 week cycle tops and turns down so we could see some weakness the second half of July.

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  2. Would you kindly post your cycle analysis of TSLA? Thanks!

  3. Thank you very much! Much obliged!

  4. I closed most of the longs yesterday, decent proft as I overweight longs in the 1990-2110 area. I also agree with your view, and will wait for a Higher Low to overweight longs once again. JUN 28, the 70 day cycle, was once again spot on.

    This is my current view (weekly, daily and 4h chart)

    Enjoy the day all!

  5. I notice your time notations are in calendar days (ie 70 days = 10 weeks, 140 days = 20 weeks). Those referencing your charts should note that we use the same time spans for cycles.