Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Outlook July 18, 2015

Off to visit old high school friends and family so will not be posting over the weekend.

Shorter cycle (5 week cycle) should top and turn down.  The 2.5 week cycle bottoms as 5 week chart tops.  With these 2 cycles off setting I expect Thur/Fri this week to be sideways.  The 40 week cycle has also topped and turned down. 

I expect this 40 week cycle to be somewhat dominant.  In this case the up side will be limited next week  (upside bias).

GL traders.  I will post again in about 10 days, sooner if I get a connection  and the time...

Update 7/21/2016:

I suggested sideways action with the longer 40 week cycle limiting upside potential.

end update



  1. Wouldn't it make more sense to see a wedge for this 5th wave up, consisting of an abcde pattern instead of a clean 1-5 up?
    Based on the weekly chart, c up is close to finishing 2170-2200 and then we should expect wave d down, 2100/2080/2050.
    Also, the current pattern looks a lot like the pattern we saw in oct 14-may 15.
    I think bears will take control next week (or two).

  2. Next week for the top rising year? 2300_2400sp?

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