Friday, June 10, 2016

June 13, 2016 weekly outlook

I wrote last week: "During the week the 5 week cycle tops and then we should see a notable sell down"  I think that describes the action of the week just ended.....

Failed to  reach ATH (and closing high) before mid week pull back.  According to my cycle analysis appears next week (and week of June 20) should see a sell off.  Sell off could be scary if cycle bottoms align as I show....  Time will tell.

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  2. If brexit does not happen do u think it will overcome the neg cycles. Why lot a saying market fall is start from aug 1 to sept 30. And yhen nov to dec

    1. Rose, I have no idea if BREXIT will happen. If it happens I have no idea of the impact and/or the time frame of than impact.

    2. Yearly outlook:

  3. Hi guys,
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  5. Yet again, the current down leg has absolutely zero conviction. Until we see consecutive >40 SPX point down days, there is nowhere to go but higher to All Tim new Highs.

    The Plunge Protection Team (PPT); eg Yellen and nObama; will not allow this market to have a crash before the elections. They will do all they can and its obvious as the market has been declining minimally and suddenly at end of day, the PPT comes in to use the unlimited credit card to buy the futures and scare the shorts.