Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nov 4, 2013 weekly outlook

The big cap stocks (S and P, Dow) do not seem to want to pull back and give us a cycle bottom.  On the other hand the NAZ and Russell 2K were down for the week. So we have a mixed market whereas I expected a pull back of the whole market.  But the down leg of the cycle should last most of the week.  We will know by Friday.

Here is a visual of the market (SPX):

GL traders


  1. I too am hoping a down week is in store. I show a good old fashioned DeMark Trendline downside target of at least 1730 this week...hopefully more downside is triggered after that.

  2. I hope we are up to 13 nov in 18xx and descend in 1690 as had been predicted Inlet. I totally agree with your prediction inlet, very helpful to me. Tq Inlet.Gbu