Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dec 2, 2013 weekly outlook

The prior week showed little volatility and closed the week largely unchanged (up very moderately).  I had expected a slight pullback instead of the slight advance.  Can't always be exact when you have the shorter cycles going in opposite directions and the longer cycles at a point where they should change direction. 

This week the longer cycles will be farther along the turn down and should start showing some added influence. The half Wall cycle is up but should top during the week so its upside momentum should be about spent. Overall though downside influence should prevail for the week.

Here is a visual for the short term cycles:

GL traders


  1. Certainly, we're due a minor retracement of a few percent, but really, it is barely worth noting, never mind trading.

    Primary trend remains strongly upward..and you know the financial institutions are desperate to get fully invested into 2014.

    I think, whilst the cyclical pressure is downward, equities will largely trend sideways..or even up a bit 1820/30.

    Heavy QE next week...bears will find it next to impossible to hold any declines of 0.5% or more.

  2. Overall, much as expected with downside influence prevailing. I suppose I could post more often, but keep in mind the blog is about "swing trades". not "day trades" so not sure I could add much posting daily...