Friday, November 22, 2013

Nov 25, 2013 weekly outlook

I speculated the week just past would be sideways with a modest range.  So we were down 3 days on the DOW and up 2 days with a slight gain for the week.  Not a bad call for the week.  The one prediction I will make for the coming week is Thursday will be unchanged!!!

The Wall cycle is now down and increasing in downside momentum. The quarter Wall (lunar) Cycle should also be down.  The Half Wall is up,   This combination will give us sideways action, but the bias should be to the downside.  Again I expect volatility to be moderate and no huge moves before December....

See for yourself:

GL  traders

Nov 26 10:00 am update:


  1. It is all looking good!

    have a good weekend.

    ps. I generally agree with your prediction about Thursday. No doubt, I'm sure some of the bears will still be touting downside.

  2. seems like NOT the time to enter longs yet the casino beckons.....the CNBS shills seem to increase their ever more shrill calls for you to get in before its too late. What this really does is increase the game for distribution. HOW you may ask. What they do is get you to BTFD if you've been wisely on the sidelines. AND if you are REALLY wise you DONT buy the first wait until the second dip and buy in OR if you are really cautious you average in on each dip down......hehehehe......and THEY GOT YA. NOW you're fully in and they just keep tanking it and tanking it and tanking it.........THEN AND ONLY THEN you know.....kinda like the gold and silver miners

    1. Well, if I decide to jump in the long pool I have a life vest on (have some inverse Russell 2000 ETF). But, Not likely to do so at this time. Looking at the silver chart I believe $15-16 is possible so I am keeping dry powder in case that happens. See most recent post, it suggests things could get realllly bad!!!!