Thursday, March 29, 2012

03-30-2012 Charles Nenner speaking out

Been a while (several months) since I have seen anything from Nenner.  Now there are multiple articles in March.  His view seems to be the stock market tops by mid-April  and heads down.  I cannot argue with that and have talked about the 42 month Kitchen cycle which bottomed in March 2009 and should bottom around mid Sept 2012.  With longer cycles you tend to get the most downside in about the last 1/8th of the cycle  (1/8 x 42 = 5.25 months.  October less 5 months is April, or time to head south).

Nenner also says he got out of gold last year around $1900, but it is now time to buy gold (and silver) with a target of $2500 on gold ($50+ on silver).  But instead of me telling you - read for yourself - here are the links:

Gl traders


  1. Do you have a track record of Nenner and his calculated predictions over past few years and if so, how did they fare in context with conditions? In another words, how are his analytical predictions come true?

  2. Tushar - a lot of serous money pays for Nenner's analysis. Since there is no way I could afford his advisory service I could not offer you any type of track record other than in general terms. He is taken as a voice worthy of notice within the noise of all the voices out there.

  3. Thanks mate, I appreciate your response. I know that I wouldn't be able to afford his services either, but I was wondering that while I have been reading and viewing bloomberg, Yahoo Breakout and other financial sites and videos since October, not once I have seen Nenner coming out in October and said that he bought mega load at 1075 and would like to unload at 1449 snp futures sometimes in the next six months...Just at the end of the tail, he is out in public with target and cycle turn dates. On the other hand, I read Mark Hulbert on MarketWatch mention about one market timer getting bullish in November with a target of Dow 13,200 in next six months...Boy, I was excited with a skewed eye at the time! I though he might be off by 500 points but nailed it pretty much accurately. And Nenner doesn't have downside target but I think we won't go below 1250 snp June/July timeframe. Then a stair step rally...Dip like November 2011 and off to the galaxy... Very good read here on you site, good luck and keep it up brother!