Wednesday, March 21, 2012

03-21-2012 Charts from Victor

Hi Inlet,

So I have an 80/40/20/10 day cycle chart here and it seems to be in line up to a year back.  I guess my question is how valid is this?  I noticed that you used to reference it but have switched to a Wall Cycle and it now lines up differently because the periods are different lengths


 Note: Victor - I inverted colors on your charts to try and make them a bit more readable....  Here are the charts:
Second chart:
Victor - BTW - nice job on the charts.  To try and answer your question - I have no license that says my interpretation will always be correct.  Your interpretation may be the correct one.    I am just glad you are taking the time and interest to do you own analysis.  I try and find the interpretation that bests fits the data.  I may or may not find that best fit. 
Your 80 day length closely tracks T-Theory  (see blogs I follow - Terry Laundry - he uses 16 weeks and 5 x 16 = 80). 
Appreciate your input.

Update: For clarity here is Victor's Chart  #1 reproduced on StockCharts.  Any errors are strictly mine:


  1. Hi Inlet,
    I can't really make out the jist of these new charts. Are you still in the pullback to 1375 camp. I believe Demark called another top to come in this week between 1414 - 1424. I'm wondering if window dressing next week can take us up as it usually does into month end. It would then make sense to do a small dip either end of this week or beginning of next and then a surge upwards to the top. Many thanks.

  2. Mouth - Sorry dates/prices are not that legible. Did the best I could to make them so..... If I get a chance I will try an replicate charts on As to 1375 - I expect a bit of a pullback into the end of the month, but it probably will be limited. 1375 would be about a 3% pullback. As always we watch and adjust when the market demands it.

  3. Thanks for the charts more about cycles here