Friday, April 11, 2014

Week of Apr 14, 2014 outlook

With Good Friday being April 18 the market is open 4 days this week.  Basically this past week I was right in concluding the 4 month cycle was dominant and SnP500 was down just under 3%.  R2K is now down almost 8% for the year (so keep your eye on this as it and the NAZ led up and now may be leading down.

The 2 month cycle should top (providing some upside push first 2 days), The four month and one month cycles are down, while the eight month cycle is up.  So we may get an attempt to rally Mon-Tue, but I expect it to be muted and down Wed-Thur providing us another down week (4 month  cycle still dominant).

Don't forget we also have a full moon Monday Apr 15 (often turns at new/full moons) may indicate a turn up.

GL traders


  1. This Full moon is the first of 4 blood moons in 2014-2015 (All on Jewish Holy Feast holidays). Many says it foretells of huge happenings in Israel. Read for yourself:

  2. So far - 1 up day. Will tomorrow be another?

  3. Looks like 1.4 (or there about) days up, not 2 whole days...

  4. crazy market turned again and closed 2 days up.

  5. Down Thur??? IBM, AMEX, GOOG all miss revs and/or earn

  6. I dunno. Looks like consolodation for a while. I think 1864 holds. If not another new high perhaps.

    Which is great!

    Conversly 1815 1800 better hold...

    thanks for your Blog Inlet.