Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Is it a FIB?

long term:

short term:

How about since the SnP500 - 666 bottom in 2009?

Actually looks like a top is due???


  1. Hello Inlet
    can you please include your valuable comments, is it UP or Down

    1. The shorter term chart suggests a top is close. Could move sideways a week or so like early January. So a correction the last half of April shows potential. As to the long term chart it suggests a major top may be in the cards. This correlates with long cycles (i.e. Kress cycles that I have discussed) turning the market down for a major correction later in the year.

  2. Those long term charts sure are interesting to ponder over.

    Problem for the bears, the notion of a double top is now out. We've way above the 2000/2007 highs.

    If we're lucky, might retrace to the 1600/1500s..before another up wave. After all, what else will the central banks do, other than PRINT, right?

    1. You may be right, but the market has a way of always suggesting it will go up and down at the same time. Hehehe

  3. A fib within a fib off 666. Could you look at the the FIB from 666 Inlet?

  4. Nice chart.

    This is what I have been looking at. Thanks Inlet. We are due. Maybe a RYFO rally tomorrow. I've got mid MAY in mind and one more fake out high. Heck bottom could fall out at any time.

    Thanks again.