Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jubilee (50 yr cycle), Kitchin cycle (42 mth/3.5 yr), Blood moons and how it fits

Many of you may have come across David Knox Barker's work on Jubilee (50 year biblical cycle of debt forgiveness).  Seems the first Jubilee in AD was probably 15AD (The  year Jesus spent in the wilderness).  So 2015 would be the 40th Jubilee in the AD.  Of interest is that in 32-33AD was a Tetrad of blood moons during the crucifixion period.

So, today  we are looking at a Tetrad  (four) Blood moons in 2014-15.  2015 marks a Jubilee year, a Sabbath Cycle end (7 years) and the end of a Kitchin Cycle (3.5 years or 42 months).  Everything comes together in September of 2015!!!

Here is a time line of the Blood Moons 2014-15:

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