Sunday, December 15, 2013

dec 16, 2013 weekly outlook

As expected the downside pressure from several cycles kept the market negative most of the week.  The downside pressure should continue through the end of the year.  But with a preponderance of down days over the past 2+ weeks we may be due an up day first part of the week.  Still, the week should be down (I'd guess 1-2%) for the week.

Here is the visual:

GL traders


  1. As I mentioned with a preponderance of down days we would probably see an up day early in the week (we got that Monday). I believe we still have downside pressure present near term.


  3. I'm impressed - the FED prints money so the market goes up. The FED prints less money the market goes up. The FED has discovered the secret to controlling the market. Hehehe

  4. I could hardly have been more off the mark than I was last half of the week. Can't get it right all the time!!!!

    1. Well, bears should be concerned now, right?

      After all, the underlying cycles are all pushing upward into January.

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