Friday, December 13, 2013

2014 outlook - Bradley turn dates for 2014

Notice 2014 starts out at a low point (corresponds to my projections of cycles bottoming end of December or early January).  Also corresponds with a new moon.    Mid year is projected as the high point for the year (preliminary work shows this should align with my projections). 

Here is the Bradley turn dates for 2014:

Key dates are 1/1,  7/16 and 11/20 in 2014.

I'll post my 2014 projections before year end and other projections when/if I come across them.


  1. Hai inlet,How do you think that is?

    1. Not sure how reliable "fractals" are. I have seen other periods compared to recent market action. Still, they are interesting

  2. Thanks for that, although I've no idea on what 'bradley' bases his turns on!

    I'm holding to a peak in late spring...and a floor in Aug/September.

    Certainly interesting to see those two time zones are indeed there.

  3. This is for you information and is not an endorsement. If you desire more information google "Bradley siderograph".

  4. The author of this blog has no idea that the Bradley Siderograph is NOT displaying Polarity! ie.) January 1st is not signaling a "bottom" as the author claims. The Bradley merely presents potential turning points.

    Permabear Doomster . . . I'm surprised that you have never looked into what the "Bradley" bases its turns on given all of the postings by that Blimp Indicator blogger "Alberta Rocks" and his Canadian side-kick BoboM.
    It was developed by Donald Bradley in the 1940's and Bradley assigned numerical values to certain PLANETARY constellations for every day, and the sum is the siderograph.

    See Manfred Zimmel's "Amanita" blog for reference.

  5. DOG TVIX SDS just gave very bullish buy signals. Most of my universe is bearish very bearish or neutral. Not much to hold market up after quarterly earnings