Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trading using Wall cyles

The Wall cycle is made up of shorter cycles - each about 1/8 of the Wall cycle (12-13 days).  See the chart below for trading entry/exit using these shorter cycles.  The Wall cycles gives you a frame for positioning the shorter cycles.  As with most cycles there may be some variability in cycle lengths, but if one is not greedy (tries to squeeze the last penny out of a trade) they should do well charting the SPX/SPY and trading the SPY.  Shorter time frames (1 hour for example) may improve entry/exit points.

If this level of trading is too frequent for you then you can focus on longer periods such as a quarter Wall cycle (usually about 23-24 TDs (1/4 * 140 or 35 calendar days),  The chart below shows entry/exit points using quarter Wall cycles,


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