Tuesday, February 21, 2012

02-21-2012 update and comments

The 20 week cycle should top this week.  It may have topped today?  Let's see how tomorrow looks.  When it tops we will have the 22TD cycle and 20 week cycles down which should result in a pullback  of a few days.  Of course the 20 week cycle should give us a downside bias into early May.

Here are updated charts:

My plan is to buy RWM on any move up to $27 for a trade.  GL traders.


  1. it's topped, it's topped it's topped, yes i am a believer. open trap door now master.

    i can't find anything to buy and you know what? i don't even care, lol

    well maybe a scalp trade on WLT soon depending on market mood for coal sector.

    let me know when you enter RWM, we party short side.


    1. Well, it may have topped?? but it seems to be in no hurry to go down. I am willing to wait and miss some upside before I pull the trigger on RWM (let it test $27). I am impressed by your short term trades - you do good!!!