Tuesday, February 14, 2012

02-15-2012 outlook and comments

In order to top (and turn down) it seems common sense - money has to quit flowing into stocks and turn down.  Can you agree with that?  So what is the Money Flow for the SPX telling us?  Take a look:

I have tried to update/refine the SPX chart:

It appears to me the 22TD cycle has topped and the Wall cycle (20 week) is at/near a top.  I expect we could be into a pullback by the end of the week or early next week.  We will see.

GL traders


  1. seems to be some cocky bulls buying stocks everyday, tell em to stop after 250 s/p pts they are going to get hurt and i am sick of it frankly. lol. maybe today was a start, look at AMZN and perhaps the golden AAPL say so.

  2. Jennasue - Seems to me the buying disease has spread to the banks and I think that is very dangerous. Earnings were not that great - beat lowered expectations (in many cases). Most of the indicators seem to be suggesting we are topping. APPL definitely has been a monster and is starting to show cracks.