Friday, October 22, 2010

2011 cyclic environment (PI cycle)

Martin Armstrong documented the PI cycle which is 3.142 x 1000 (3,142) days or 8.61 years.  That cycle should have topped at 2007 highs.  If so, 4.30 years later is early 2012 when this cycle should bottom.  Also the 3.39 year cycle (40.68 months) which I previously discussed will be down for about 20.34 months from Nov 19, 2010 or all of 2011.  So we have 2 longer well documented cycles down through all of 2011. I expect a bearish tilt after Nov 2010 and throughout 2011.

Here is the PI cycle:

And here is info from the Web: )

Stock Market Fun, Pi, Phi and Armstrong Cycle

Stock-Markets / Cycles Analysis Oct 26, 2009 - 01:58 PM
By: Forkoholic_Serge

Fun with market dates! I was reading Marty Armstrong today and decided to play with his 8.6 year cycle—3141 days to be exact.
Lets start our count from October 11th 2007 top.
Quick spreadsheet reveals interesting dates: 3141/6.1 where 6.1 is derivative of 0.618 gets us March 09,2009 low! Wow! Playing with 4.2 & 4.23 gets us 10/22 and 10/27 dates—a top perhaps? T-Theory top as well?

Dividing 3141 by 3 gets us August 23, 2010 which is very close to T-Theory’s August 26th top prediction and than there’s a 5/17/2016—a top? a bottom? We shall see :) Just having fun with numbers!
Enjoy & good trading to you!
- Forkoholic Serge -

Here is the spreadsheet (note 1,570 days is half the PI cycle or a bottom Jan 28,2012):

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