Sunday, April 26, 2015

april 27, 2015 weekly outlook

The outlook for the week is somewhat unclear, but we will give it a shot.  The longer 20 week cycle is up, while the half cycle (10 week) is down.  Taken together these 2 cycles offset to a large extent.

The 5 week cycle (24TDs) is up, the 2.5 week (12 TDs) is down.  These 2 cycles will offset to a large extent. 

The TSI had a positive cross late last week while the CCI is now in the overbought area.  Again offsetting indicators.

Some are predicting (because of ATHs - All Time Highs) we will see an upside breakout.  Again some indexes set ATHs and others didn't - so not a clear situation......

With positives and negatives conflicting makes sideways seem most likely for the week.  Here is a visual:

GL traders


  1. 10 wee cycle appears to be dominant this week

  2. Inlet, do you live at Murrell's Inlet? I wanted to ask if you know someone who was there and moved to Beaufort...Thanks.

  3. Yes, but I can not recall any acquaintance that moved to Beaufort...... My other place is in NC (about 40 miles SW of Charlotte and 70 miles South of Ashville).....