Friday, April 3, 2015

Apr 6, 2015 weekly outlook

This past week it appears that the 12TD cycle probably topped early giving us a left translated top.  What does this tell us?  Usually a left translated top implies more down days than up days to follow.  More down days implies a good probability of more downside than upside.

The 24 TD cycle has topped and is now  down.  The 12TD cycle should be up, but as noted above the left translated top may lead to  an inversion of normal pattern (down instead of up).  The longer cycles are up, so usually we would be looking for the shorter cycles to offset and see a sideways move over the week +/- 1-2%, but I suspect it will be with a downward bias.

Given the weeks employment report on Friday, volatility should continue and time for first qtr earnings and they are not expected to be good.

Here is visual as best as I can determine:

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