Saturday, February 7, 2015

Weekly outlook Feb 9, 2015

I expect the week to show weakness.  Friday may have marked the top of the short term cycle(s) and the market should pull back over the next week.  This is confirmed by the RSI3M3 indicators :

This is confirmed by cycles:

GL traders


  1. I'm confused. The two last posting Jan 30 and Feb 6th do not use the same "12TD" cycle. On the Jan 30 chart ,the 12TD bottoms about Feb 6th. On the Feb 6th chart the 12 TD cycle bottoms about Feb 17th. How can one use these cycles if they change each week? It appears you pick a cycle to fit the chart each week?

    Why is one 12TD cycle blue and the other 12TD cycle gold color?
    what am I to do?

  2. I encourage you to always perform your own analysis. My alignment may vary some from week to week. Also, cycles may vary in length so over time one tries to represent cycles as they actually play out (not as projected). I often miss the tops/bottoms by 1-2 days . Cycles are a tool not a crystal ball,

    A good reason to use multiple approaches in your analysis. No reason for changes in colors.

  3. I'll conjecture here. I believe I saw Dr. Mchugh's "phi mate date" on Feb 19th (ie direction change). Your bottom 12TD is about Feb 17th. Fundementals now indicate trouble with Greece for a bit maybe into the 17th for a bottom. We'll see