Friday, January 30, 2015

Feb 02 weekly outlook

The 2 shorter cycles should offset (12 TD bottoming, 24 TD topping) by mid week  (Tue midday to Wed AM).  I would expect a pause in any down trend by mid week as the 12 TD cycle turns up.  As you will have the 90 TD, 45 TD and 22 TD cycles down I would expect any upside move to be limited in the second half of the week (if any upside at all).

Here is a visual:

A second way to look at this using the DPO (Detrended Price Oscillator).  Notice that the turning points above +25 and below -25 give good buy/sell points.  Combined with stops a few ticks near entry point for additional protection can give you a non-emotional way to trade....  See what I mean:


 GL traders

update Feb 3:   22-24 TD cycle more dominant up than I expected.... moved midday Monday which was sooner than I expected, so it should top sooner.

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