Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 7, 2014 weekly outlook

 For the week:

Appears 20 TD (1 month cycle) down, and 10 TD (2 week cycle) down...  Longer cycles (15 month, 7.5 month, 3.875 month) cycles down.  The 40 TD (2 month) cycle is up.  Should give us up to 2 weeks down (3%?).


  1. I'm wondering if the 2 week down period will end with the next major Bradley Turn date of July 16 (+/-7). Afterwards, we could see a climb into the early Fall before the next big drop.

  2. MC - Not sure. No expert on Bradley turns, but my understanding is the turn dates tend to be accurate. The direction is not predictable from the Bradley turn date or so I have read (so it could be down instead of up).