Friday, March 14, 2014

Mar 17, 2014 weekly outlook

Looks like the down trend could last a bit longer...  At this time it appears we are 8-9 days away from a mid-cycle (4 month) low as the 4 month cycle tops.  So , currently it appears next week will be down with a bottom the following week near the end of March (28th??).  

GL traders

03/17/2014 - an interesting analog:

and another analog:


  1. Hmm..1800/1790...yeah, that seems a natural first downside target.

    However, if market gets upset...I suspect a more sig' decline to 1750/30...back to the Feb' low.

    Seeing VIX in the 18s - with sp'1839..makes me wonder what VIX will be if back in the low 1700s. 25/30..briefly?

    Have a good weekend!

  2. always hard to get both the time and price right? I would think the 1730/50 level is late May (early June). the DPO I used to estimate the downside was for a 2 month cycle time frame ending late March.

  3. Friday - full moon low???

  4. I think April shows some promise of a rally (financials earnings may boost the market?). Will next week pull back 2-3%?