Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cycles I

Charles Nenner Research
Stocks should peak in mid-2013 and fall until about 2020. Similarly, bonds should peak in the summer of 2013 and fall thereafter for 20 years. He bases his conclusions entirely on cycle research. He expects the Dow to fall to around 5,000 by 2018 - 2020.

Kress Cycles (Clif Droke)
The major 120 year cycle plus all minor cycles trend down into late 2014. The stock market should decline hard into late 2014.

Elliott Wave (Robert Prechter)
He believes that the stock market has peaked and has entered a generational bear-market. He anticipates a crash low in the market around 2016 - 2017.

Market Energy Waves (David Nichols)
He sees a 36 year cycle in stock markets that is peaking in mid-2013 and will cycle down for 2013 - 2016. "... the controlling energy wave is scheduled to flip back to negative on July 19 of this year." Equity markets should drop 25 - 50%.


  1. Good stuff. I expect one more rally this Fall into early 2014, but agree that the end is near and caution warranted. You have given me some names to check out from this post. Thanks for your on-going insights.

  2. SpikerJ - I'll try to add more names to the list later. The more the better?

  3. I've got a major "6 year", and sub-cycles, cycle low set for Aug. 15, 2014 that I first mentioned here. I wouldn't put myself on the same level as those you've mentioned - not by any means - but it is nice to see respected big names confirming. ;-)

  4. HighRev - I know what you mean about confirmation (agreement), Makes you feel maybe you got it right.

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