Saturday, March 30, 2013

April Outlook - Daniel T. Ferrera

Ferrera is a Gann disciple and produces longer term cyclic forecasts.  His 2013 forecast is calling for a change in trend in 2013, and according to this chart that change should happen as soon as April. Here is a chart from a site advertising his outlook service (for sale of course and not cheap):

  • With the Dow again pushing ALL TIME HIGHS, in the face of a weak economy, and impending global crises, and unemployment, do you expect that these prices will hold forever? Do you think we are about to break through to new highs and an extended Bull Market? Are you reading this because you are seeking advice on when this situation is going to turn around, one way or the other? Ferrera says that 2013 IS A CRITICAL YEAR, expected to produce a significant change in the markets, and he has collated over a dozen different forecasting techniques to cross-verify his own exhaustive analysis. If you are invested in or concerned about the markets in any way, you will not want to miss this important insight into what’s coming in the next few years…
I  do not disagree with this outlook.

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