Saturday, September 29, 2012

Play the swing cycle

The swing cycle that appears to currently dominate is the 33-36 trading days cycle.  This means the current correction should complete in the coming week (33TD cycle - 16+ day leg would complete by Tuesday; a 36TD cycle would complete Thursday 10/04). So if you ae short or holding an inverse such as RWM you will want to watch for an exit in the coming week.... 

After the bottom we should see about 17 TD up into late Oct, then down into the presidential election.  Don't forget - there are other cycles at play that can influence the amplitude of any move by this swing cycle (Which is 1/3 of a Wall cycle).

Here is a visual:
Compare this to the predictions of the Spiral calendar:

GL traders.

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  1. Appears we did have a swing cycle bottom late last week as the 22TD cycle is starting to show more dominance... If that is true then it should be topping by the end of next week (Oct 12).