Thursday, August 30, 2012

Aug 30 update

Last post (Aug 21) I told you it appeared that we should be at a top.  I see no reason to change that.  I believe we have actually seen the DOW trade down for the month of August during the day today - so it is going to b interesting to see if Aug DOW is an up or down month.

You will sometimes see articles discussing the 15 month business or stock cycle.  We have discussed the Wall cycles (9 in a Kitchin cycle) and the fact they could be grouped in 3 groups of 3.  Also, we have noted the 3rd of a group is normally the weakest.  Now a wall cycle is 20 weeks +/- and 20 week is about 4.7 months (using 30 days as an aveage month). so three Wall cycles (60+/- weeks is 3 x 4.7 months or around 14 months) corresponds approximately to this 15 month cycle.  So I would contend that the so-called 15 month cycle is actually a group of 3 Wall cycles.

If I am right then this 14.1 month cycle is now down (the 3rd of 3 Wall cycles in a group of 3) and will remain so into the 3rd week of November.

Here is the situation graphically:

GL traders. RWM looks like a good way to protect to the downside here.


  1. good to see ya was your "experience" with the medical system......i can only guess.....

  2. Kli - For the most part all the nurses and Drs were great. Of course, there is always that one "ass" like the dietican telling me I had type 2 diabetes 4 days after open heart surgeon and if I didn't listen to her it would kill me. Like I didn't have bigger fish to fry.

    Told her finally I would wait for my personal Dr's diagnosis and reccomendations. But she wanted to be "right" so she went on and on. I finally told her to get the hell out of my room and not come back. Did the nurse "smirk"? Looked like a "smirk" to me.

    Unexpected outcomes at times made it hard to keep a positive attitude. But one unexpected result was a "good" surprise. Got a bug and a 104 degree fever. They tried to drown me with two IVs and liquids and antibiotics. Seems that is when the heart/pacemaker started to work and I started passing fluids in a normal way instead of a catherter in my back to drain fluids. Last echo showed heart function around 45.

    Have gone a whole month without hospital time.

  3. Inlet,

    Great to see you posting! I have some RWM.

    The treatment of high blood sugars in the seriously ill/ICU patient is highly debated in the medical literature. Too little treatment is bad, but aggressive treatment is now being shown to be bad too. The answer is somewhere in the middle. I'm glad things are working out for you.