Monday, April 23, 2012

04-23-2012 the week ahead

I told you last week to expect a sideways week with a slight upside bias.  Even though there was a lot of movement at the end of the week that is what we got.

It appears the short cyle (1/8 the Wall cycle 12-13 days) topped and turned down.  The 1/4 Wall cycle remains up.  The Half Wall and Wall cycle are down.  Also the Kitchin cycle should be entering a hard down phase.

Over all it appears we should have a down week, and I suspect we may test recent lows and potentially head lower after that.

Here is a visual:

GL traders.  I will probably not be posting for a few weeks.  The market should be in correction mode the next 4-5 months.  There will be bounces, so be careful.


  1. Inlet,

    Thanks for your work.

    I am still holding my RWM, so hopefully that will help out.

    Take care of yourself now and my thoughts will be with you. Post when you can.

    1. Doctrader - I believe over the next few weeks (months) RWM may do well for us. Mid 30s or higher would not surprise me. As I prepare to go into the hospital next week I have set limit orders to sell (probably too low, hopefully I will be out in time to adjust up if need be). I also have limit orders to buy near lows. So I will be on auto pilot for a while.

  2. Inlet,

    RWM is helping ease the pain of the selloff. My SVM position is taking a beating, but if they push silver much lower, I'll just buy some physical. I have some cash.

    Take care of yourself.

  3. Doctrader -

    Glad RWM not tanking. Have surgery scheduled 5/14 starting at 5:30am. Will be in the hospital 5-6 days and then recuperating another 12-13 weeks at home (I hope). Prolly flat on my back the first 2 weeks or so home. Prolly 4-5 weeks to become rasonalbly mobile

    I still expect weakness for RWM for a while. Look for a 2-3% daily bounce to trim and take some profits and buy back on any pullback.


    1. Inlet,

      My thoughts will be with you and hope the time for you passes quickly.

      Just a tip, the doctors may be doing the surgery, but it is the nurses that get you better. They will be there for you during the hard times. Do what they say.

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