Tuesday, April 17, 2012

04-17-2010 observations

Th downturn is now taking a break as the shorter 1/4 Wall cycle has turned up.  This will probably last a week or a bit more.  The 1/2 wall cycle is down, the wall cycle is down but these will take a few days to build downside momentum.  Could we set a new S&P high?  Maybe, but I am doubtful this will happen as the Kitchin Cycle should be entering a "hard down" phase.  Overall - it appears we trend sideways with a slight upside bias near term (next week or so).

Here is a visual:

GL traders. 

Probably 1 more post before I enter the hospital  for needed surgery after which I expect to be offline for at least 3-4 weeks as I recover.  The next few weeks (and months) could get very interesting as we get a preview of the upcoming bottom in 2013-2014 as several major cycles bottom by 2014. The Kitchin cycle bottoming by mid-September or early October this year gives you that preview.


  1. Just wanted to come over here and say will be thinking of you and wishing you the best. Kli's right, be sure to move around even if difficult. Thanks for your analysis and will look forward to hearing from you in 3-4 wks. Even if you don't post an article, please keep us updated. Best to you.

    1. Sister - timline is conference with surgeon on April 26 and would expect surgery to happen around 1st of May. Hope I did not confuse previously. Inlet

  2. Thanks sister. Means a lot to have friends offering up support. I will try to offer updates as milestones dictate.

  3. My prayers are with you my friend. And like Sister we'll look forward to hearing from you in 3-4 weeks.

  4. Hope everything's goes well, wishing you a healthy recovery


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