Saturday, April 13, 2019

Weekly outlook April 15, 2019

The market keeps pushing higher with difficulty.  I had opined some 3-4 weeks ago that it appeared a right translated cycle was developing (top past half cycle).  The SP500 is about 20 points below a new high....  and we have a right translated top  so we may get earnings disappointment this week and a pull back (at least  that is my opinion)

Good luck traders


  1. Thank you. What do you mean we have a right translated top?

  2. Example (right translated). 10 week cycle and the left side up is 6 weeks and the right side is down 4 weeks. The top is past half the cycle (6 weeks) or right translated.

  3. Sincerely thank you for your info, I found cycle count is quite helpful if looking at bigger picture.