Saturday, March 23, 2019

March 25, 2019 weekly outlook

Looks like we have topped.  I had expected a top 2-3 days earlier, but cycles are not always exact.  Be ready to take what the market gives you.  you should have raised cash this past week  and be ready to buy trading position around third  week of  April.

green circles = BUY, red circles = SELL

NOTE:  Most recent circles are red....

GL traders


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  2. what I think is interesting Inlet is the down moves beginning nearly identical on the 40 week down leg.....that is worth watching

    seems like market could go higher even now based on previous 40 weeks...

  3. The last 40 week cycle bottom was Christmas Eve. 9 months is 39 weeks - so the top of the 40 week cycle is 4 1/2 months from that and is mid May. So for now I focus on shorter cycles (10 week or 5 week cycles for swing trades). The 20 week cycle bottoms as the 40 week cycle tops. Most technicians refer to this as a mid-cycle pull back.

    I believe this is in sync with what you are referencing.