Friday, March 30, 2018

April 1, 2018 weekly outlook.

Looking at cycles using sine waves   -- SP500

GL traders


  1. Didn’t write anything ... big low April 9 or so ?
    Maybe Sp 2461

  2. SP500 broke 200 day moving average. Possible Dow Theory sell signal if Dow transports close below last bottom....

  3. Bitcoin throttled after "death cross"

  4. As I told you March 25 post:

    Mar 25, 2018 weekly outlook

    Market should turn down by end of week and test last week's lows early April

  5. Is there another low in june. In early jan 2018 u had shown all cycles coming down in june

  6. Please tell us .. good question
    There 18 month low in April maybe by next Wednesday ??

  7. I looked st prior post 3 months ago that was showing Jan 2019 18 month low confused

  8. KP - Google Hurst cycles 18 months (and/or 40 weeks) to locate desired charts.... Hope this helps.

    I generally focus on shorter cycles to swing trade and use 9 months (40 weeks (9 months is 39 weeks)) for a longer term view of the environment, but even that is too long for swing trading which is why I focus primarily on even shorter cycles.

    Generally a swing trade hold of a position is under 2 weeks. If your trade time span is longer Hurst Cycles may be better for your trading.