Sunday, August 13, 2017

Month of August 2017

Weekly chart showing longer cycles.  Bottom (weekly cycles) may be in (or should be soon).  Appears this correction will be 5% or less.  Of course, that could change  depending on Trump/NK and threats over the weekend.

Daily cycles appear to show bottom may be in but likely bottom will complete during the week.

Even shorter cycles here:

The 12 1/2 days cycle is made up of 3 4+ days cycles:

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  1. hi, this is rached, hope you're doing well.
    how do you set up your cycle and any good literature about cycles. thanks

  2. There are several books on cycles. JM Hurst was always a favorite author in my opinion. would be a good source to search for books on cycles.

    1. Hi, thanks for your reply. I read that book, great one...
      What about your technique, how do you set up your cycles...

    2. Harmonics: Larger cycles can be broken down into smaller, and equal, cycles. A 40-week cycle divides into two 20-week cycles. A 20-week cycle divides into two 10-week cycles. Sometimes a larger cycle can divide into three or more parts. The inverse is also true. Small cycles can multiply into larger cycles. A 10-week cycle can be part of a larger 20-week cycle and an even larger 40-week cycle.

      Nesting: A cycle low is reinforced when several cycles signal a trough at the same time. The 10-week, 20-week and 40-week cycles are nesting when they all trough at the same time.

      >>>and so forth<<<<

    3. Great. sorry to bother you with that dude...are you always using 40, 20 , 10 or you adjust regarding the asset you're analysing...

    4. 40 weeks is approximately 9 months. So many refer to nine month cycles, 18 month cycles. 54 month cycles, etc. 270 calendar days is 9 months (+/- 2 days) so you see references sometimes to 270 days. 20 weeks is often referred to as 4 1/2 month cycle. So be aware that common lengths may be referred to using different segments (days, weeks, months, or years) Or, some use calendar days, some use calendar days). So make sure you understand what time periods are being used (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, etc)

    5. Many thanks for your reply...

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