Sunday, December 11, 2016

2017 outlook

First the Bradley Siderograph:

1. standard window = week *after* the Bradley date: Most index turns (about P=80%) come late, i.e. in the week after the Bradley date. This is part of the end times phenomenon where ‘everything is delayed’, consistently observed since 2013. Reason: the battle of the powers of light & darkness (Armageddon), which are in a kind of deadlock. So the (new)standard window is the week *after* the Bradley date, the extended window is +/- 1 week.

2. polarity reversals: Most of the big Bradley turns (some P=80%) produce the *opposite* polarity in the indices, i.e. an important Bradley high usually becomes a stock index low.


Then cycle circle chart for 2017:


Happy New Year


  1. Your previous charts show 9 Month cycle low around early Nov, however your 2017 chart says otherwise - any reason for the change in 2017?

  2. Thoughts on Gold for 2017? Thx!

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