Sunday, October 2, 2016

Oct 3, 2016 weekly outlook

The market refuses to go down and stay down.  Seems every time it goes down 150 DOW points it bounces 160 DOW points the next day.

I seem to be repeating myself in telling you the cycles are due to head down and bottom in 5-6 weeks.  Well the market should bottom .... 

Awww, what the heck, no need to repeat myself.  Reading cycles is not a perfect science as it requires interpretation of the data and trends (and beginning to think maybe I have it wrong, but there has always been corrections - the question is when and how much).

GL traders


  1. the market is polluted by many news and are then denied the next day ... but from your graphics should be down, the graphics are not made by news but of mathematical numbers ...
    you get a great help thanks ....


  3. grazie è bellissimo molto molto utile....

  4. The market closes with a high price as NIFTY CLOSED at 8412.80 and SENSEX CLOSED at 27288.17 with a gain of 12 point and 50 points from their opening price. In commodities gold and silver prices rise from their last price a per by MCX tips contributers.