Friday, August 19, 2016

Aug 22, 2016 weekly outlook

I stated  last week  " It appears the week should show a down bias."  I was partially right as the NASDAQ was up for the week while other major averages were down.  Looks like the coming week should provide enough downside to consider a trade using an inverse ETF of Dow industrials, SP500 or Russell 2000.  All the cycles I show on my chart  except the 4.5 month (20 week, 100 TDs) cycle are down for the coming week.

GL traders

Sample short term (intraday) chart.  No cycle tools, denoted cycle (tops/bottoms) turns with vertical lines:


  1. Isn't the 2.5 week cycle up as well at least for the first part of the week?

  2. yes, make that 3 down, one topping (probably even for the week).

  3. thanks! do you also set up intra day trades or have a strategy based on the cycles? :)

    1. Maurice: Posted sample of how you could delineate short cycles.

    2. looks very interesting! thanks! how did you derive the specific points in time?

  4. To chart smaller time frames I would need access to finer granular data and that costs.... So, I have no set up for intraday (5,10,15,30 min, hourly) data.

  5. Reply
    SergioAugust 24, 2016 at 11:38 PM

    Thanks for the approach to Microcycles ... but I did not mean exactly that. That's too simple !!!.
    I did not mean intra-day cycles, but short-medium term.

    Let me take a current example in Ibex (Spanish stock index):
    To be short or long closure of a microcycle 18 candles above / below two closures 2 Microcycles 18 candles needed.
    The key is to sail 18 in this case.

    In addition, I use other tools timeless.

    Good trading !!!.

  6. Any cycle analysis on Copper?


  7. Quick look at copper - its primary trading cycle appears to be 2 1/4 months (half the 4 1/2 month cycle). It is at/near a bottom currently?

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