Saturday, May 28, 2016

May 31, 2016 weekly outlook

 A strong move up off the 5 week cycle bottom in the week just past.  I would expect that upside momentum to fade in the upcoming  week.  If not then the market should be challenging the old highs and possibly setting ATHs by second week of June. 

According to my cycle analysis the longer cycles should keep the 5 week cycle  in check and the market should  fade during most of June.  If we are going to get an ATH (All Time High) I hope that the market goes ahead and makes an ATH soon.

GL traders


  1. End of june looks very strong cycles as all of them are down including 40 wk. Same thing happened in august 2015. Is it possible that it can happen a week or earlier or later

    1. Cycles like the 20 week and 40 week cycles can vary (say 1-2 weeks) depending on other factors such as unexpected news/events, so end of June is an expected bottoming area, but no guarantees.

  2. People calling for 2250 by june 24. Everyone looking for new highs. With all cycles down. And so many gaps open below. May be u can shed light on it

  3. noticed some calling for new highs and could happen in the coming 4 days, but it should be followed by a scary drop??