Friday, February 5, 2016

Feb 08, 2016 weekly outlook

Do we get the bottom (ICL - Intermediate Cycle Low) this week?  That is what I expect as the 9 month bottoms along with the shorter embedded cycles.  There is a potential of longer cycles also bottoming during Feb-Mar time span (covered in previous posts.


GL traders


  1. Hi Inlet,

    I posted in my blog my trading week, and mention your blog an your excellent analysis.

    I follow your blog long time ago and really helps¡¡

    Hope you don´t mind

    Thanks a lot for your blog

  2. Glad you find my comments/analysis helpful in your analysis. I am not always right, but right often enough to be helpful I think. Good luck.

  3. Depuis le temps que je viens .....Felicitation ...TRES bon blog

    1. Thanks. Try to keep it as simple as I can. Often a chart is clearer than words....