Sunday, November 30, 2014

Weekly outlook Dec 1, 2014

I suspect we may have been seen (right translated?) a top.  MFI is diverging and headed down while market was topping (going up) past 2 weeks.  Also, TSI experienced a bearish crossover.  Finally crossover of envelop upper lines (11 days and 23 days) are giving a sell signal.  With multiple indicators giving bearish/sell signals the  coming week may be the first down week in a while.    Finally the Russell 2000 is about where it was when I bought RWM 3 weeks  ago.

Here is a visual:

Good luck traders

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  1. Sorry I missed posting week ahead, was moving stuff to the country place so come spring I am ready to plant a good sized garden..... No more beach bumming. Still, looks like the expected downturn finally kicked in 2-3 weeks late (right translated) - which happens in an up trending market.