Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014 weekly outlook

The market continues to trade in a narrow channel and set marginal new highs on at least some of the indexes.  Doesn't inspire confidence that it is a market headed up to any large degree.  On the other hand, doesn't seem to want to correct much.  So far "the sell in May" part of "sell in May, and go away" seems to be OK as it could have gotten you out at high levels.  Only time will tell (June-July) if the "go away" part works out.

We will see a "new"  moon this coming week, which may mean, time for a pull back this week.  Here is a visual:

And here are the short cycles (good to trade in a sideways trending market):

GL traders


  1. 1820s ? Really ? We could be 1910/20 this week.

    At best..a retrace to 1900, maybe 1890.
    The low 1800s are probably off the table until late June..maybe even a few months beyond that.

    Until the bigger weekly charts level out...I am bemused you calling for a return to the Feb' low. The R2K/Nasdaq are especially bullish, at least on a 2-3 week basis.
    Regardless..have a good 4 day week.

  2. Rut and Comp are going to turn here and are hitting retrace targets

    new lows on both soon

  3. scott - hope so since I am holding RWM (RUT inverse). New moon and full moon often mark reverses.


      slow motion but gravity and mass = acceleration! lol

    2. and the pull of the mass and the collision with nature are just too much and down it

      hope you kept your positions!

  4. Have a core position and trade around that (200 shares) that I hope to see a quick move next week for a quick profit of 1-2%