Sunday, August 18, 2013

Aug 19, 2013 outlook

Had opined we might see a short term trend change last week.  We may have seen a bottom Friday (OPEX expiration) or early this week.  Time will tell, but we have hit the top of the target area I had been looking for 1645-1655 (so we could see a bit more down?). 

Here is a visual of the outlook:

As I indicated in comments yesterday before close I had sold part of my RWM position for a modest gain (~~ 2%).  Today I am watching RWM to repurchase those shares.  Here is my approach:

Buy signal early tomorrow (fill the gap and channel lines cross?)...


  1. Since the high was later than your 34 TD cycle ( I use 39), do you think the low may also push out past the cycle low date? Seems like everyone knows we are going to bounce here, but will we? Skip Gray

  2. Skip Gray - allow a couple of days for the turn and I'd say we probably see the turn really take hold by mid week if the bottom has been set....

  3. Sold part of my RWM holdings. Options expired Friday on remainder so looking to sell options to lower cost...

  4. Gold cycle:

  5. Interest rate cycle theory: