Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 - Jim Curry cycle outlook

90 Day cycle (what I classify as the Wall cycle); 180 day cycle (7 x 24 + 12) or 7.5 month cycle or half a 1/3 Kitchin cycle; etc


  1. See my last Jan update 3rd chart - top in June, bottom late Aug-Sep. This corresponds closely to Curry's projections.

  2. Inlet,

    Are you going to buy some of the inverse ETF's such as RWM?
    I still have some RWM but might add.

  3. Have some RWM I sold calls on back in early December. Those calls should expire worthless tomorrow. Will hold that and look to sell calls on any substantial pop...

  4. Good for you Inlet.

    RWM is down to nearly 23 dollars and the market continues to grind higher. The RSI is really low and it looks like a bullish cross could be occurring on the MACD. Crazy things happen during OPEX week. If they really pop the markets higher tomorrow am, I might take a chance and add.