Saturday, February 9, 2019


 UPDATE 2/12:

As I suggested mid week last week may offer a buying opportunityMid to late week sold off and  depending on what stocks you were watching  provided an opening to make a buy. I had bought 4 stocks on Thursday and put in "sell gtc orders before market open."  Now need to find something to buy (only 1 position left).

Like I have stated in the past shorter  cycles can provide  larger per cent movement in a shorter period.  For example a 50 point movement of  the SP500 in 5 days is an average of 10 points a day, whereas over 10 days that 50 point movement is 5 points a day.

This is why shorter cycles (like the 10 week cycle) can have an over size short term impact down /up  even when multiple longer cycles are moving the opposite direction (as we  saw the latter part of the last week).

Here is the new week (updated):

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  1. Hello! I see you changed when the multiple cycle convergence... what tells you/how do you know to adjust these?

    1. Welcome comments, took a second look and decided to redraw cycles based on your observations(20 weeks is 4 1/2 months or half the 9 month cycle).

  2. I examine the data looking for conformity with prior patterns. It appeared that the 5 week cycle contracted to 4 weeks. This gave us longer 8 week cycle. BTW that is 1 month and 2 months and 4 months. Should know within a month or so if my change is right...… The RSI and StochRSI seem to support the change.

  3. Then the 9 month cycle finish at the end of February 2019?
    In the previous post you drew the beginning of this cycle at the end of December 2018

  4. Thank you! That helps! I will now look at cycles as "living" and be open to adjustment.